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Job Profile - Salary of LIC AAO 2016

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Have you applied for LIC AAO and looking for Job Profile and Salary scale of LIC AAO? Here is the post where you will get information about what are the working functions of LIC AAO, Departments of LIC, and Future aspects of LIC AAO and Salary scale of LIC AAO.

Job Profile - Salary of LIC AAO 2016

Job Profile - Salary of LIC AAO 2016
This post is not only for those who will be selected but also for those who wish to make career (for long term) in LIC AAO. So, here we start with LIC AAO Job Profile;

LIC AAO Job Profile

As we know, LIC (Life insurance corporation of india) every year recruit for Assistant administrative officer (AAO). The Job profile of LIC AAO is to look after the department. As the name suggest, AAO need to admin the staff of particular department where they are placed. Since you will be placed anywhere in india, you need to look after the particular zone office’s department, where you need to manage people for their work. It is short of administrative work. Below is the complete job profile of LIC AAO;

1. Managing and filing insurance claims, interacting with clients for their claims
2. Inspecting the new policy
3. Co-ordination with other departments for client requirements
4. Work as deputy head of department

Apart from AAO, you may also be placed as AAO Specialist job where you will be given charge of specific department (departments are mentioned below).

And you might also be placed as ADO (Apprentice development officer) who recruits new LIC agents, providing training for new policy briefing etc.

Departments of LIC

LIC has different departments where they function as the biggest insurance company of india. So, here is the list of different departments of LIC;

1. Claim Department (where they check for the claim made on insurance).
2. New Business (who look to get more new business, new insurance policy, LIC agents comes under this department).
3. Sales
4. Accounts
5. Policy Serving
6. Office Servicing

Since as we mentioned that there is quite bright future in LIC jobs. LIC AAO is Class I officer job (means entry level job), from where you journey in LIC starts. Below is hierarchy of Ranks and designation in LIC.
Ranks and designation in LIC

Salary scale – On hand Salary of LIC AAO

The Approx Monthly on hand Salary of LIC AAO is Rs.40,245/- (Take home) in class A city where you will get included allowance like home rent, laundry, 2 wheeler loan, mediclaim, medical, PF, etc. The basic salary of LIC AAO is 17240-32640 (which is not take home salary.

Promotion in LIC AAO

Yes, you will get promotion on specific interval; also you will get high post after certain experience in the field. You may become Assistant branch manager after administrative officer post via internal posting. For 3-5 years you need to be on same page.


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