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[Study Plan] LIC AAO 2016 - How to Crack LIC AAO

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IBPS Adda Provides you Study Plan for LIC AAO 2016. If you have applied for LIC AAO Exam which is going to held on 5th-6th and 13th March of 2016. Its a online exam plus having 700+ vacancy so the exam will be with tough competition for job. So, be prepared and go with below mentioned study plan for LIC AAO 2016.

[Study Plan] LIC AAO 2016 - How to Crack LIC AAO

Study Plan LIC AAO 2016
Why you should clear LIC AAO?

The biggest benefit is Salary and security. Yes, we all know about how secure LIC job is but the salary is quite huge too. As mentioned, The on hand salary of LIC AAO 216 is Rs.40,000/- per month (in Class A city). Also, there are quite high chance to get selected LIC AAO since there is huge number of vacancy of 700 (earlier there might be very few seats like 100-200 vacancy).

So, To get this, here is the study plan to crack LIC AAO 2016. Read, Apply and Get Wanted Results,APPLY NOW;

1. Secure Minimum Marks to get job in LIC AAO

You must be dreaming to TOP LIC AAO Exam but before that you must secure minimum marks to get jobs in LIC AAO. To get selected, you should check the past cut off marks for LIC AAO Exam. What are subject wise and category wise cut off marks, in which category how much marks are require to clear LIC AAO exam. You can get the cut off marks of LIC AAO here.

Below is 2015's LIC AAO exam cut off marks,do check out and get idea of how much marks you needed to crack LIC AAO;

LIC AAO exam cut off marks

As you can see, subject wise and category wise cut off, keep focusing on securing minimum marks first.

Prepare Hard.

2. Do check Exam Pattern of LIC AAO 

The exam pattern of LIC AAO is quite tricky. As you can see in below picture, you can find that English subject's marks are counted for cut off marks but still you need to secure cut off marks for LIC AAO.
Exam Pattern of LIC AAO
Also, you can see in the above exam pattern that there are total 160 question you need to answer in 120 minutes (for total 300 marks). Also, there is negative marking of 1/4 for every wrong answer.

So, you need to speed up your calculation speed, reading speed, and answering speed. For that you need to Practice a lot. More practice more answer you will be answering and more marks, Simple logic.

Practice More.

3.Only syllabus to be covered, don't prepare for extra things.

As you know, we have already posted the Exam syllabus of LIC AAO where you cna find the topics on which LIC AAO exam will be based on, which topic's questions will be asked and which will be not, you can find the syllabus and prepare on focused and limited content.

Sometimes it happens that students will go with multiple things to prepare and end up with nothing in hand.थोडा करो पर अच्चा करो...

Focused Preparation.

4. Time Management

Write your dream on paper, what you want in next 2 months. ( i am sure you must be dreaming to get selected on LIC AAO, write it down). Now check out how much time you are studying to prepare your dream, and ASK YOURSELF, can we fullfill our dream with this preparation style? If NO, prepare hard, create your timetable for study.

Subject wise and days/week wise create your preparation plan that within this time frame (deadline) you will complete this syllabus and will crack it any question from this section.

Time management is key to success.

Will upload more tips soon for LIC AAO aspirants, keep checking it here.


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