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Career in Banking - Banking Careers

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Do you want to make Career in Banking? Here is Some insight of Career in banking, pay scale in banking sector, day to day life in bank, future prospect in banking careers, advantages and disadvantages of banking jobs and how much it cost you to crack bank jobs.

Career in Banking - Banking Careers

Since in last few years, banking sector has saw a boom in jobs. Lots of people are now going after banking jobs. There is nothing wrong in going for banking jobs but if so many people are looking for it, then it must be tough to get banking jobs too. So, here we are helping you out how to set your career in banking.

Why people want to go for Banking jobs?

One the reason i measured is that people love secure and high pay jobs, and banking sector is one which match exactly to their needs. First of all its a service sector job so no physical hard work, second in today's internet YUG its quite easy to access all information related to bank and banking jobs is most accessible jobs with high revenue generation and quite much needed thing in day to day. (No one in today's world can survive a day without ATM Card, so if one need ATM card, he/she must have a bank account, and if everyone needs bank account, you career in bank is set).

As per the report of IBPS,Indian banks will recruit 7,50,000 skilled professionals by 2016; more than 4,50,000 fresh graduates will be absorbed by the banking industry by 2016.

Where to look for Banking jobs?

No where, you are at right place. We at IBPS AddA have secured one single page where we post "Upcoming Bank Jobs". Just visit that page and you will get all the upcoming banking jobs information.

Is there any Institute/Course where we can learn about Banking?

Many of you must be looking for some guide or course to learn about Banking jobs. There are few, like NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) has one (which can cost you around Rs.1 lakh to 2), also there are many government approved universities which have course in banking, also now even MBA in Banking also offered by some of the institutes.

But if you just want to join as Clerk or PO, you really don't need to join such program since all these program will cost you more and you will learn almost nothing than usual day to day working style of bank (For which you can have bank training which you will be provided if you get selected, by any bank).

What is minimum Eligibility Criteria for Bank Jobs?

To get job via IBPS or in any other bank, a candidate must have Graduate Degree (with computer knowledge, as subject in 10th or 12th). But if you want to work as Specialist officer (higher post than Clerk and PO) than you must need master degree in specific post.

How much i will get paid in bank jobs?

You will get paid between 20000-40000 per month in any bank jobs. Though, the Wage revision meetings are already started between All india Bankers association and Government of india, soon the minimum payout for bank employee will be revised.

Hows day to day life of Bank Employee?

The day to day life is quite simple. You need to go bank and get your work done by time. Not much stress but since after lunch of "Jan Dhan Yojana", the number of bank account holder is raising and so does the work load (and revenue too). you can read this article for " Advantages and Disadvantages of Banking Jobs".

Future Prospect in Banking Career

The future of Banking sector looks quite good, many new banks are getting license from government, more and more people needs financial transaction to be done on daily basis. Read more about Career in Banking via Employment News.

For more updates on Bank jobs, IBPS Updates keep visiting us.


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