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Logical Reasoning Study Material PDF - Reasoning Ability

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Looking for Logical Reasoning Study Material? Here on IBPS Adda you will get Study material for logical reasoning or Reasoning ability subject. The Logical Reasoning subject is quit common and has been part of almost all government recruitment job exam. Also, in Bank Exams in india, Logical Reasoning is one of the most important subject.

Logical Reasoning Study Material PDF - Reasoning Ability

Logical Reasoning Study Material PDF
In Logical Reasoning subject most of students gives lots of time since in Logical Reasoning questions, you need to read the question first, than understand it, find or calculate the answer and than answer it. So, it is lots of time consuming subject. Also, Logical Reasoning questions comes in group questions, means you need to read the full question than answer it.

Unlike general knowledge or banking awareness or quantitative aptitude question where you get question in one line, you answer it and move it to next question. Though, Logical Reasoning questions are not tough as quantitative aptitude but it is time consuming and if the one answer gets wrong in group question, all related questions will be wrong.

So, to score more in Logical Reasoning subject, you need self study, more practice and much more focused study in Logical Reasoning. For practicing more, here we are sharing study material for Logical Reasoning subject (also known as reasoning ability);

Logical Reasoning PDF study material

In PDF material, we have 3 files in which has 501 challenging reasoning ability questions, one practice test for Logical Reasoning (with answer) and last is 15 questions on grid symbols, do check out.
Note: - each link is pdf file link, upon opening of these files, just save it as pdf format on your computer.

Best Books for Logical Reasoning Subject

Since, self study material is for practice purpose, but for learning purpose, you need book for more learning and more scoring. So, here we are sharing some of the best books for Logical Reasoning subject which are suggested by toppers who cracked bank exams;
Books Author Name
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
How to prepare for Logical Reasoning Arun Sharma
A modern approach to verbal & non-verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
A new approach to reasoning verbal & non-verbal B.S. Sijwalii and Indu sijwali
Analytical Reasoning M. K. pandey

On the above list, you can find the best books for analytical reasoning, verbal-non verbal reasoning, analogy, logical puzzle, statement arrangement, effect reasoning, theme detection, and all other Logical Reasoning problems.

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