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Job Profiles of Civil services Exams Posts

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UPSC has announced Civil Services Exam 2016. Civil Services has many sub posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IRSO and many more. Candidates who are willing to join Civil services of india must have done the enough research on which post they are targeting. 

Job Profiles of Civil services Exams Posts

The first phase of selection is exam which is very common, written exams and in final interview, you got chance to select between many civil service posts. So, to help you in this, we are here giving short bio of job profile of each Civil Service Posts.

Posts of Civil Services Exam

  1. Indian Administrative Services (IAS)
  2. Indian Police Service (IPS)
  3. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
  4. Indian Railway Service (IRS)
  5. Indian Postal Service (IPS)
  6. Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA & AS)
  7. Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)
  8. Indian Customs and General Excise Service (IC and GES)
  9. Indian Defense Accounts Services (IDAS)
  10. Indian Revenue Service Officers (IRSO)
  11. Indian Ordinance Factories Service (IOFS)
  12. Indian Information Service (IIS)

There are 12 sub posts in Civil Service exam. You need to choose anyone of your choice. Candidate who passes out Civil service exam will have same designation but will have different job profile, so here we are providing you job profile of each civil service exam. Lets check out one by one each posts of Civil Services;

Indian Administrative Services (IAS)
One of the most favorite posts for civil service exam candidate is IAS. Most of them want to become IAS. IAS officer can be placed at State or central level, their basic job is to maintain administrative. IAS is also responsible for improving capacity of government staff, devise system, execute plans and to control various primary obligations.

Indian Police Service (IPS)
One of the most common posts of IPS is police commissioner or DGP or IG or any high post of police department. Maintaining Peace of city/town is the biggest task to handle for any IPS officer. Executing plans and control of excessive use of Police power to eliminate problems is biggest task of IPS officer.

Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
IFS officer (As name mention) works under Ministry of External Affairs and oversees, You will handle passport related administration work, visa admin, consular admin, Indian consulates, Indian Embassies and much more work IFS has to handle.

Indian Railway Service (IRS)
IRS officer needs to maintain Traffic service of railways, accounts, railway police department, personnel service and many more tasks comes under IRS officer. IRS officer needs to manage operations division (maintain railway operation), business division (dealing with ticket system, gathering incomes from stations, accounting service etc) and personnel officer who manages railway staff.

Indian Postal Service (IPS)
Indian postal department is one of the biggest departments after railway. IPS officer needs to maintain whole operation of postal department, heading operational activities of indian post.

Indian Audit and Accounts Service (IA & AS)
IA and AS officers maintain books of departments of central government. IA and AS officers works with central government.

Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS)
ICAS officers works with Finance ministry of india to maintain Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, also maintain office of the CCI.

Indian Customs and General Excise Service (IC and GES)
IC and GES department officer check each items entering in india, they maintain all import – export business of india. Authorize customs as per indian laws, allowing them or not as per indian law falls in IC and GES officers.

Indian Defense Accounts Services (IDAS)
As the name suggest, IDAS officer maintain records, accounts of Army, airforce and navy of indian army. Keeping all account books and reviewing them is their main task.

Indian Revenue Service Officers (IRSO)
IRSO officer mainly works with income tax department, to maintain capacity of IT department, usage of IT laws, duties, tax collections etc.

Indian Ordinance Factories Service (IOFS)
To give Statute industrial facilities to factories, and dealing with general assembling capacity of factories.

Indian Information Service (IIS)
Arranging, collecting data, controlling authority media, conducting question answer session of all departments falls in IIS officers hand.

These are the work profile/job profiles of Civil service candidates who pass the exam. Hope this list of job profile will help you build great career ahead. You can ask us in comment box about your query. Thank you.


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