Thursday, 14 July 2016

SBI will offer Work from Home Facility to Female Employees Soon

with 0 Comment - State Bank Of India to offer Work From Home for Female Employees. As per the sources, after ICICI Bank, SBI bank will also may allow female employees to work from home. SBI has started working on making plans for work from home for female employees. If we believe the sources, the work from home will be soon started and will be announced soon.

SBI will offer Work from Home Facility to Female Employees Soon

Work from Home
SBI has already started working on plans for work for home, only female employees will get benefit of work from home culture. Currently, SBI has 45,000 female employees who works with SBI at different branches. And like all other banks, SBI also face to retain female staff. As Indian woman needs to give priority to children and family (mostly after marriage) and the reason, like most of banks, SBI too faces the staff retention problem. 

To short out this problem, ICICI Bank has announced “iWork@Home” plan, was announced by managing director of ICICI Bank, Shri Chanda Kochar. For this program of ICICI Bank, IIT Delhi has provided help to ICICI Bank to develop work from home platform.

Now SBI also planning to introduce same, below is some features of iWork@Home Plan;

- As the name suggest, female employees can work from home (no other condition)

- To increase work productivity and to save travel time with managing family, female employees can work from home.

- In starting, one year of period is given to female employees to work from home, after one year, based on performance, the work contract can be extended

Success of iWork@Home

Initially, ICICI Bank’s iWork@Home got slow response. Around 100 requests of female employees have been registered and 50 female employees have been working under this plan. Under this plan, depends on the type of work, ICICI bank has given a web platform where female employees can work from home. This plan only works with type of work and requirement of bank.

Salary and payouts for work from home
Salary and monthly payouts all depends on bank, if you undersign their terms and condition, they will allow you to work from home. For more details, wait for the official announcement from SBI, we will update you about the work from home plan of SBI.


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